Getting Called To The Next Round

As a recruiter, I’ll take a candidate dis-qualifier of lack of experience in a specific hard skill any day of the week, as that’s a tangible factor that’s understandable.

But what is disheartening, is receiving the below reasons on 2 separate occasions last week, which weren’t the only reasons but definitely did not help the candidate’s overall positioning. 

“Chris, the candidate did not know anything about our company or what we do.”


“Chris, the candidate was unenthusiastic and appeared as if we were wasting their time.”

I realize being unenthusiastic may be a matter of opinion or the individual could be having a bad day. 

In summary, there are many factors being evaluated during an interview, and for those that are what I consider “easier”, please allow them to be. 

It could make all the difference in being called for the next round. 

Thank you. Have a great week ahead.

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