Converting the Extroverts

Has the past 18+ months permanently moved many extroverts to more introversion?

Those who may have previously enjoyed and received energy from being in an office setting, attending social gatherings, happy hours, conferences, work events, etc.

Have now a new found perspective and enjoyment staying at home, being alone, or with family, or only a select few.

Potentially picking up new hobbies or passion projects they may not have otherwise spent time working on.

And now when asked if they want to go out for a get-together, it doesn’t excite them like it once used to.

Are the social channels and virtual meetups one of the compromises they’re making to help fill that void?

Or if it’s not in person, they would rather not bother at all.

Or will we see those who took a pause in their previous ways of interacting be back in full swing over time? 

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