Salesforce Newcomers: Why evidence matters…

Short example that you might be able to apply.

This past week I had a client ask if I had experience in recruiting Data Scientists.

My answer was yes, but I asked for more specifics to what they were specifically looking for.

The client came back with some hesitation, possibly questioning if I really had the necessary experience that was being sought after.

They didn’t say that specifically, but I “felt” it.

So I decided to send over a few example resumes of Data Scientists we recruited in the past.

As evidence that we had the capabilities to do the job. 

Which was enough to move forward.

In your case, I think the solutions that you’re building will always have a greater impact over any words about your capabilities on your resume.

Hiring managers and HR do not want to waste time fumbling around with pointless conversations if they can actually see some hard evidence instead.

Make it easier on them to make a decision.

Show them your work, record a video of a unique solution that you built on your own that demonstrates core Salesforce functionality, which might apply to their business operations. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s your work to be proud of.

I believe this evidence can be a key differentiator to help you stand out.

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