Finding It…

To all those who find the time, energy, and inner fire to continue to do Trailheads and study for certifications after working long days and even longer weeks… 

Great Job.

I’m not quite sure how you do it.

In my past consulting life, after working 10-12 hour days, there was little chance that I was going to sit in front of a screen any longer, as I was mentally exhausted.

And then on the weekends, if I did want to work, it was usually on client stuff.

I might have been able to put in a random hour or two here and there if I was feeling “motivated”, but I’d rather decompress and do other things.

Maybe some are with me on this. 

But, for those who break through these mental barriers, do self study, and still be immersed with your day to day work.

Your passion to get better seems to be on a whole other level.

I suppose the other explanation is that your day job is lame, boring, uninspiring, so the time and energy is more readily available.

Either way, do what’s working for you.

Some of us might be a bit jealous of your inner drive.

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