Salesforce Newcomers: Are you doing yourself a disservice?

Meaning: You know companies need help, and can use someone’s service, expertise, background and skills to help them improve their Salesforce functionality.

And that someone could be you.

But you also know, you’re not quite where you need to be, yet.

And you also know, it’s only on you to get to that level.

And in not doing so, they’re missing out on how you can help them.

And in not doing so, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not getting better.

Now, this mindset is not intended for you to be arrogant, self righteous, self-deserving, or feel like “they owe you”.

But rather thinking and asking yourself:

“With so many companies needing Salesforce help, am I holding myself back by not meeting their expectations, and what can I do better/differently to provide the expertise they’re looking for?”

We often blame or express frustration when companies don’t give us a chance.

How about we place the responsibility back on ourselves to provide a better level of service?

A powerful shift in thinking, IMO.

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