Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I work with companies to help them find Microsoft Dynamics CRM Specialists.

I have worked with Customer Relationship Management systems as a technical specialist, from a business perspective as well as a project manager. I know what it takes for a candidate to be successful and for a project to be successful.

I can speak the CRM language to really identify what skills candidates have (and do not have).
Whether you are looking for a talented Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional or are looking for a new Microsoft Dynamics opportunity, I can help!

Are You Looking for Qualified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers are in high demand. It’s often difficult to not only find these candidates, but screen to see if they have the specific skills needed for your project and your environment. That’s where I can help. Because of my technical background, I am able to screen and recruit the right candidates for you

Are you looking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Analysts?

Hiring the right Microsoft Dynamics Business Analysts is key to your project’s success. I sit down with clients and get a solid understanding of their project, goals, and timeline. This allows me to better understand the need for skills of the business analysts.