Creating Momentum: Amelia Earhart Style

Salesforce Career Seekers – are you creating momentum and continuously moving forward as you work towards launching your Salesforce career?

Or are you waiting for that perfect position to be thrown your way that allows you to work from home, make or exceed what the inflated salary surveys suggest, and jump right into a role that utilizes the certifications that you’ve spent hours and days studying to help show employers you have the necessary Salesforce skills to make an impact?

Maybe this story will help put things in perspective:

Amelia Earhart wanted to be a great aviator, but it was the 1920’s where women were often still considered frail, weak and women suffrage was just beginning, but she had one goal in mind: to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

She knew she couldn’t make a living as a pilot on day 1, so she took a job as a social worker.

Then one day she received a call… 

We have someone willing to fund the first female transatlantic flight, our first choice backed out, you won’t really be flying, rather just riding as two men will be flying and they will be getting paid and you will not. Oh, and you might die.

Guess what? She said “Yes!”.

After the flight she was interviewed and said:

“I was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes. Maybe, someday I’ll try it alone…”

Amelia knew she needed to get started somehow, someway, somewhere and she didn’t care if the conditions were perfect or ideal, she felt deep down that the momentum would continue and this trip was needed in order to move forward with her dream.

5 years later, she accomplished her goal and was the first woman to complete a nonstop transatlantic flight as a pilot, solo. 

As a Salesforce career seeker, are you taking every opportunity to move forward or are you waiting for a better situation to come along?

Could you be doing more to get some better traction in your journey?

Could you reach out and connect to more decision makers, could you go to more Salesforce networking events and consistently show up, could you build more apps to illustrate that you know how to figure things out by solving problems, are you thinking of creative ways to be a differentiator in the competitive Salesforce job market? 

Or are you just waiting for that 100% remote, Salesforce Admin Day 1 position, offering $80K with 4 weeks PTO and a company Tesla?

If you want momentum, it’s up to you to create it.

Those who attack challenges with the most energy, initiative and creativity, win.

Amelia understood this as well as many other successful high-achievers.

Keep moving forward.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart – Los Angeles – 1926

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