SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): Certification Exam Costs

Should the exams be free?

It’s been said that when something is free, the value offered is not perceived to be as high.

Or the level of dedication going into it won’t be the same. 

For example – free versus paid classes.

Trailhead is free and it seems to have a pretty good reception rate.

Why not make all certification exams free as well?

I don’t think there is any shortage of exam test takers.

But when someone is financially constrained and having to pinch every penny they have to make a career change into Salesforce, saving up for an exam fee is probably not their highest priority.

I know, I know, there’s occasionally free vouchers offered.

Which is probably great marketing/PR.

But, instead, how about free exams forever for everyone?

Would it lose any intrinsic value?

Or rather would it provide more benefit to those who could do away with the added expense?

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