SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): Help Wanted

Will every experienced Salesforce professional who is interested in working at Salesforce eventually fit into one of these categories: Working there now Worked there previously Left and came back Job offer and declined If you haven’t made the cut yet, I don’t think they’re going anywhere any time soon. 9,696 open positions and counting…

Salesforce Newcomers: Not Just Salesforce Skills

But rather, your complementary skills… In learning more about Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) over the weekend, he’s a big advocate of utilizing your complementary skills to find success. He calls it your Talent Stack, by: 1. Leveraging the skills you do have from whatever field or industry you have experience in. 2. Combining that… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Not Just Salesforce Skills

Salesforce Newcomers: “3, 2, 1, Let It Rip!”

This is what my son yells when he’s playing with his Beyblades. Which by the way is such a racket, $20+ for these little plastic/medal toys…absurd! But, my message is for you is to: “Let It Rip”! Do you have something meaningful to say on LinkedIn? I suggest to not hold back, rather spread your… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: “3, 2, 1, Let It Rip!”

Supporting your company’s recruiting efforts.

Is this something you believe in? Or it HR’s “job”? Many companies pay referral bonuses, and some may see it as part of your responsibility as a leader. But then there’s the other side. Are employees willing to put their reputation on the line? Particularly, when they’re not really “all-in” with what’s happening internally. They… Continue reading Supporting your company’s recruiting efforts.


What do you think about providing opinions to other members of a team (or to a client)? Especially, when it’s someone that you don’t know that well. And they didn’t ask. But you think it might be helpful. With the right intent to provide a different perspective. Do you share it, or are you more… Continue reading Opinions

Salesforce Newcomers: They all didn’t start there…

I review a ton of experienced Salesforce LinkedIn profiles everyday. And I look at their career history. What’s the most common theme? There isn’t one! Most didn’t start their careers in Salesforce. Or consulting. Or sometimes in technology at all. They had twists, turns, detours, setbacks, layoffs, startups, exits, etc. Different backgrounds, positions, technologies, companies,… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: They all didn’t start there…

Can’t Nobody Hold You Down

New Promotion = Great!  New Title = Fantastic! New Responsibilities = Bring It On! New Raise = 2%?! If you’ve worked hard and earned a prestigious new title with more responsibilities, but not getting the associated raise to go with it. Do you feel slighted? If so, I’m bringing 1997 back to you. Mase and… Continue reading Can’t Nobody Hold You Down

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Maybe you’ve used this term in your Salesforce project. Have you found success with it? How about when the minimum turns out to be too minimal? Resulting in a hybrid situation, where users continuing to use spreadsheets (or whatever they were doing before). Then over time, they stop using Salesforce all together, since it really… Continue reading MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Salesforce Newcomers: A job in consulting

If you haven’t heard, some projects will suck: – Long hours – Micro-managers – Indecisive stakeholders – Outdated technologies – Weekend work – Egotistical maniacs – Remote, isolated locations – Little support – Team of slackers – Bureaucracy up the wazoo I’m probably missing some… And unfortunately, you rarely get to choose the projects you… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: A job in consulting

A tribute to the Salesforce experienced…

Companies can’t get the experienced to apply. Or to reply. The demand outweighs the supply. Recruiters come in to try. And they get left out to dry. No one can deny. The experienced have the pie. That electrify. Like a Samurai. In the sky. Like a butterfly. An emotional high. While the rest of us… Continue reading A tribute to the Salesforce experienced…