Salesforce Newcomers: 4 core elements to your success

Intelligence Energy Integrity Patience Any others?

Ever feel like a fraud?

When you find someone else’s solution online, and determine that it solves your particular problem. A much faster solution, then say, starting from scratch. You copy and paste or recreate it, maybe just changing a few variable names. Possibly leaving all the comments and notes that the original solution had. Voila, “we” did it. And… Continue reading Ever feel like a fraud?

The “Passion” question during an interview…

Do you feel this is a legitimate question that should be asked? If so, is it then OK to BS our way through it, with the hopes to provide an answer that the interviewer might be wanting to hear? I think this is one of those questions that might necessarily be looking for the real,… Continue reading The “Passion” question during an interview…

The meeting invite that you send gets declined.

With no explanation why… You wonder, “what’s up with that?” And although, you probably don’t take it too personal, it may catch you off-guard, and possibly cause you to feel unappreciated for a brief moment.


Why would a user ever do that? The Salesforce logic I put in place wasn’t prepared to handle that type of crazy scenario. How on earth did they think that was going to work? That use case is definitely news to me… Can’t they just do exactly what they said they would do when they… Continue reading “Why?

IT Works!

How often do we find a solution online, manipulate it a little, plug it into our org, and miraculously the problem is solved? Not really knowing how or why it corrected the problem, or how much extra logic was added that actually wasn’t needed to begin with. Thinking: “Oh well, it doesn’t matter, it works,… Continue reading IT Works!

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Reputation

As big as the Salesforce ecosystem appears, I think it’s probably one of the most well-connected groups in the tech industry. Which can help get your name out there. Try to make sure it’s all positive and not burn any bridges along the way. I know unprofessionalism can happen on all sides of the process.… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Reputation

Salesforce Newcomers: How will the technology help…

As you continue to learn more, and showcase your skills and capabilities, rather than completely focusing on technology, an area that you might want to think about and highlight in your communications is: “This (widget, process, automation, screen, etc. ) will help a (end user/executive/company/etc.) by…”

Some of our internal questioning when solving a Salesforce problem…

1. Does the solution work? 2. Is it the best solution? 3. Do I/will I ever have the time try something different (possibly better)? Any others?


For those who have started their 1st Salesforce position within the last 6 – 12 months. Have there been any major surprises where you’ve realized that no preparation could have really prepared you for?