Digital Exhaustion

Have you found sitting behind a screen for a majority of the day has caused you to be more exhausted? Particularly, if your days were previously broken up with face to face meetings, coffee breaks, watercooler chats, etc. that helped break up the day. Even during lunch, you might continue to be on your screen.… Continue reading Digital Exhaustion

Culture Fit

Have you ever been given this as the reason why you were not hired? Maybe, you’ve provided this as an answer, if you were part of a hiring decision. What are some examples that come to mind when culture fit is the deciding factor? And do you feel this might occasionally be used as a… Continue reading Culture Fit


Word of Mouth and The LinkedIn Social Mouth Word of mouth is typically the best and easiest way to get well positioned for your next job opportunity. If your physical network is small, are you using the LinkedIn Social Mouth to give you an advantage? I received word last week from a connection, that they… Continue reading Mouths

FOMO – 100% Remote vs Some In Office Presence

Are there any concerns of being overlooked? If you’re choosing to be 100% remote when others have opted for more of a hybrid setup. Whether that’s promotions, assignments, or overall team relationship building.  Maybe being able to work at home in a setting where you’re most comfortable is your #1 priority at this time. Or… Continue reading FOMO – 100% Remote vs Some In Office Presence

Evaluating Salesforce Partners

This past week, I had a friend ask about ideas on evaluating Salesforce Partners for a project. I don’t think he wants to put a formal RFP out for responses, so probably something with less overhead. A few ideas come to mind: Look at reviews/ratings/CSAT/tiers from the App Exchange Word of mouth/referrals Come up with… Continue reading Evaluating Salesforce Partners

Download Numbers

As I look at the Salesforce Extension download numbers from Visual Studio Code, one would think we don’t have a shortage of Salesforce Developer talent. Salesforce CLI Integration – 693,615 Salesforce Extension Pack – 597,641 Lightning Web Components – 585,405


Certs, Badges, Superbadges, Trainings, etc. Is having more of these, the best way to spend your time advancing/starting your Salesforce career? Particularly, if those things have little relevancy to the work that you’re doing/pursuing. How much of the information do you retain if you’re not using it day to day? I understand the importance of it… Continue reading More

Stepping on Toes

Our intent was to show our resourcefulness, our capability, our spark of initiative. Unfortunately, that action may have offended someone along the way. After all, it was their responsibility, their communication to be had, their highlight of the project. But, you saw that it wasn’t happening. And now, it’s become slightly uncomfortable. The line between… Continue reading Stepping on Toes

The Value of Employee Collisions

Although the article in the comments, was written in 2014, some of it is probably still relevant today, as it discusses different types of office environments to improve overall performance. Key notes: Chance encounters and unplanned interactions between knowledge workers, both inside and outside the organization—improves performance. Sometimes circulating, exploring, engaging, and increasing the number… Continue reading The Value of Employee Collisions

“That’s why you make the big bucks”

If you’ve been in I.T. for any length of time, maybe you’ve been told this by a family member, friend or even a client. Possibly it’s been said behind your back when you’ve had to get up early or work late, or skip a social event during the weekend, or take a conference call while on… Continue reading “That’s why you make the big bucks”