Salesforce Career Seekers (Newcomers): Patience If I had to find a best quote for the year for you (we’re almost half way through the year now), this would probably be it. “Patience is a competitive advantage. In a surprising number of fields,  you can find success if you are simply willing to do the reasonable thing… Continue reading Patience

Free Samples

Salesforce Career Seekers (Newcomers): What do you offer? – Car Dealers offer free test drives – Bakeries offer free pastry samples – Software companies offer free trials – Gyms offer a free exercise day This helps the consumer to remove the risk in making a purchase. Can you take the same approach with your employment… Continue reading Free Samples

Taking it easy

“It’s just easier… If I stay.” Maybe you have thought this at various points of your career or are thinking about it now. After all, you’re in a pretty good position, maybe you’d consider it “cushy”. Pay is decent, the people you work with are easy to get along with, you’ve formed some meaningful relationships,… Continue reading Taking it easy

Coding – Troubleshooting

Coding – why did THAT work? When you’re troubleshooting code, do you occasionally land on a solution and then don’t really know why (or how) it ended up working? Especially, when you’re under the gun to complete it ASAP. So you have to move on to the next challenge while thinking briefly:  “I’ll just get… Continue reading Coding – Troubleshooting

Interviewing Competition

If you find out there are others interviewing for the same position, does that matter to you? Would you do anything differently? Do you ask about it up-front? Maybe it helps set your own expectations that it could take longer than you expected to go through the process. Occasionally, I have candidates state they’re not… Continue reading Interviewing Competition


Salesforce Career Seekers – Following up with a voicemail… After you apply for a position, do you follow up with a call/voicemail? Very few do. And you would definitely stand out. Express your interest. A lot more can be communicated in a short 30 second voicemail than an email or just a resume. Such as:… Continue reading Voicemail


32% In doing a quick tally, that’s the percent of LI posts that came across my general content feed yesterday that were related to open Salesforce job opportunities. 8 out of 25. That’s huge, IMO. 5 years into Salesforce recruiting, I don’t think I’ve see it this high. It’s not a continuous 32%, but I’ve… Continue reading 32%

Salesforce Admins – Supporting Sales

Some thoughts on your work administering Salesforce based on Keenan’s video below which is geared towards Sales professionals using a CRM: – Are you understanding what Sales needs to be effective in their job? – Are there some gaps in their Sales process that you can help correct? – Does Sales have the data they… Continue reading Salesforce Admins – Supporting Sales

Top Admin Challenges

Experienced Salesforce Admins: Over your career, is there a top challenge or two that you tend to  encounter consistently? Some who are just starting their careers may be interested to hear what those are. Thanks for sharing. “I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.” ~Maya Angelou