Salesforce Newcomers: When you don’t have it.

During an interview, when you get asked about a particular Salesforce skill that you don’t have experience in, how do you answer? In speaking with an experienced Solution Architect this past week, I asked about her development experience. I thought she had a great, compelling answer worth sharing that you might be able to use… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: When you don’t have it.

Salesforce Newcomers: A job in consulting

If you haven’t heard, some projects will suck: – Long hours – Micro-managers – Indecisive stakeholders – Outdated technologies – Weekend work – Egotistical maniacs – Remote, isolated locations – Little support – Team of slackers – Bureaucracy up the wazoo I’m probably missing some… And unfortunately, you rarely get to choose the projects you… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: A job in consulting

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Supporting Cast

We all know landing your 1st position is a big deal, but I think having the in house supporting cast at your new position is equally important. Sure, everyone has to endure a learning curve when coming in new, but having to figure EVERYTHING out on your own can be exhausting. I occasionally have conversations with those… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Supporting Cast

Salesforce Newcomers: The Perfect Storm?

With the demand for Salesforce professionals being at an all time high, this is also driving the salary ranges up for the more experienced. Therefore, when companies want X years of experience and realize the market salaries for that experience is more than they can afford. What might they do? They can increase their budget… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: The Perfect Storm?

“Can you find out?”

When working with recruiters, they may not be able to answer all the questions you have regarding the position and/or company. If they don’t know, and it’s a critical question that you want answered. There’s nothing wrong with asking: “can you find out?” And then pausing the process until they get that answered for you.… Continue reading “Can you find out?”

Admirably Average

I heard this term recently and thought it was post worthy for our industry. If you occasionally feel overwhelmed with the amount of new Salesforce information, trailheads, certifications available. Or continuously feel the need to get ahead. Maybe, the answer is not to worry about that chase. Rather, just do what interests you most, and… Continue reading Admirably Average

Pinching Yourself

If you’ve found Salesforce career success, making more than you thought you would/could, sooner than you thought was possible, and you really enjoy your work. Do you occasionally want to pinch yourself? Especially, if a family member or friend knows your salary and what you do. Possibly causing their eyes to open wide and to… Continue reading Pinching Yourself

Demand in Salesforce Consulting

As the demand to hire in the Salesforce Consulting space has probably never been stronger, many newcomers may be given opportunities to jump in. For those who’ve been in it for awhile, any top tip that’s led to your success? To help those who are currently going through the interviewing process Mine: It’s usually not… Continue reading Demand in Salesforce Consulting


Word of Mouth and The LinkedIn Social Mouth Word of mouth is typically the best and easiest way to get well positioned for your next job opportunity. If your physical network is small, are you using the LinkedIn Social Mouth to give you an advantage? I received word last week from a connection, that they… Continue reading Mouths


Certs, Badges, Superbadges, Trainings, etc. Is having more of these, the best way to spend your time advancing/starting your Salesforce career? Particularly, if those things have little relevancy to the work that you’re doing/pursuing. How much of the information do you retain if you’re not using it day to day? I understand the importance of it… Continue reading More