Salesforce Newcomers: 4 core elements to your success

Intelligence Energy Integrity Patience Any others?

Salesforce Newcomers: Working Remote Questions

Do you feel you can be just as productive and effective at your 1st position if you were remote versus being in an office? Particularly, if you were in a team setting with more experienced Salesforce professionals. Would it be easier to go over and speak to someone to brainstorm an idea in person, versus… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Working Remote Questions

Salesforce Newcomers: Research Your Interviewer

If you know who you’re interviewing with, can you formulate a few questions specific to them to show that you’ve done a little research? In doing so, you may find out that they’re relatively new to the organization, and may not have all the answers for those questions that are more “deep”. If you feel… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Research Your Interviewer

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Reputation

As big as the Salesforce ecosystem appears, I think it’s probably one of the most well-connected groups in the tech industry. Which can help get your name out there. Try to make sure it’s all positive and not burn any bridges along the way. I know unprofessionalism can happen on all sides of the process.… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Reputation

Salesforce Newcomers: How will the technology help…

As you continue to learn more, and showcase your skills and capabilities, rather than completely focusing on technology, an area that you might want to think about and highlight in your communications is: “This (widget, process, automation, screen, etc. ) will help a (end user/executive/company/etc.) by…”

Salesforce Newcomers: A great quote for today, if you’re currently struggling.

“Calm waters never made a skilled sailor” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


For those who have started their 1st Salesforce position within the last 6 – 12 months. Have there been any major surprises where you’ve realized that no preparation could have really prepared you for?

Salesforce Newcomers: Research Frustrations 

Do you often find yourself reviewing the same article¬†over and over, hoping, wishing, praying, that a different solution will suddenly arise? If so, you’re probably not alone…

Salesforce Newcomers: The Small Wins

Maybe you didn’t solve the problem that you were looking to solve today. I think you probably still learned something new along the way. If nothing else, you built some more resilience to troubleshooting a problem, which is a majority of what your work is anyway. Hopefully, you’re noticing how the small wins can stack… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: The Small Wins

Salesforce Newcomers: Figureoutable

It’s been said, everything is figureoutable Maybe you’ve heard this phrase before. If you’re experiencing some setbacks in your Salesforce career progression, perhaps having this mindset will help.