Word of Mouth and The LinkedIn Social Mouth Word of mouth is typically the best and easiest way to get well positioned for your next job opportunity. If your physical network is small, are you using the LinkedIn Social Mouth to give you an advantage? I received word last week from a connection, that they… Continue reading Mouths


Certs, Badges, Superbadges, Trainings, etc. Is having more of these, the best way to spend your time advancing/starting your Salesforce career? Particularly, if those things have little relevancy to the work that you’re doing/pursuing. How much of the information do you retain if you’re not using it day to day? I understand the importance of it… Continue reading More

Other Career Paths

Occasionally, I receive emails from those that are really struggling to make any real progress getting started in their Salesforce career. Set backs like: Not being able to pass the Admin exam after a few attempts. Or  Not getting the volunteer experience they need to get the hands on experience. Or Submitting hundreds of resumes… Continue reading Other Career Paths

Resume Length

The length does not equate to being more qualified for the position. Reviewed 2 resumes yesterday: 1 showed 25 years experience in 2 pages, the other showed 7 years experience in 5 pages. After 1-2 pages, drowsiness tends to start seeping in for the reader. Tip – Ask yourself: “if I was an outsider reading… Continue reading Resume Length

Salesforce Developers, Interviews, and Code

How much new code do you think you write from scratch versus using something that you (or someone else) has already written?  Maybe some variation of it existed in the org, or you had it stored away in your toolbox, or you find a code snippet on the web that you can repurpose. With the intent,… Continue reading Salesforce Developers, Interviews, and Code


Salesforce Career Seekers: Daily With the demand for Salesforce Professionals being at an all time high, I imagine a few new positions get posted on LinkedIn daily. So, if today you’re not having much luck, tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. I think having this mindset may help keep you going, as you… Continue reading Daily


Salesforce Career Seekers (Newcomers): Patience If I had to find a best quote for the year for you (we’re almost half way through the year now), this would probably be it. “Patience is a competitive advantage. In a surprising number of fields,  you can find success if you are simply willing to do the reasonable thing… Continue reading Patience

Free Samples

Salesforce Career Seekers (Newcomers): What do you offer? – Car Dealers offer free test drives – Bakeries offer free pastry samples – Software companies offer free trials – Gyms offer a free exercise day This helps the consumer to remove the risk in making a purchase. Can you take the same approach with your employment… Continue reading Free Samples

Taking it easy

“It’s just easier… If I stay.” Maybe you have thought this at various points of your career or are thinking about it now. After all, you’re in a pretty good position, maybe you’d consider it “cushy”. Pay is decent, the people you work with are easy to get along with, you’ve formed some meaningful relationships,… Continue reading Taking it easy

Coding – Troubleshooting

Coding – why did THAT work? When you’re troubleshooting code, do you occasionally land on a solution and then don’t really know why (or how) it ended up working? Especially, when you’re under the gun to complete it ASAP. So you have to move on to the next challenge while thinking briefly:  “I’ll just get… Continue reading Coding – Troubleshooting