The Sugar Coating

Has marketing and social media caused some level of sugar coating to the Salesforce profession?

Sometimes, I think we might need a reality check on what Salesforce work entails, and the professional maturity and mental toughness being sought after.

We often see the hype of big $$$ signs, work from anywhere, change your life around, messaging.

But I don’t think we get enough of the no-nonsense, high-stress, time-consuming, demanding, mentally exhausting, want to cuss someone out, side of the profession.

Along with often having to do things you don’t necessarily want to do, when you don’t want to do them, with those you don’t want to do them with.

Particularly, in the consulting space, but really anywhere.

So while the demand is at an all time high, most who are in a hiring, authoritative position, have been around for awhile, and still have high expectations from the people they interview and hire.

Most would rather do without, than hire someone they have a gut feel will be a problem.

And that doesn’t have anything to do with certifications, badges or hands on keyboard skills.

Please try to keep things in perspective, by not letting the sugar coating on Salesforce careers that we’re surrounded by, override the hard truth to what this profession can often involve.

From time to time, I hear stories about the lack of professionalism in the industry, hence I thought a post might be warranted.

Thank you.

Still your friend,


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