Salesforce Newcomers: They all didn’t start there…

I review a ton of experienced Salesforce LinkedIn profiles everyday.

And I look at their career history.

What’s the most common theme?

There isn’t one!

Most didn’t start their careers in Salesforce.

Or consulting.

Or sometimes in technology at all.

They had twists, turns, detours, setbacks, layoffs, startups, exits, etc.

Different backgrounds, positions, technologies, companies, industries, degrees, locations.

They had various life events happen along the way that moved their careers in various directions.

But they’re making career progress, and will continue to do so.

Most paths of the successful aren’t linear at all.

Please don’t feel yours needs to be.

View various LI profiles of the successful for yourself.

Where you’ve been or even where you are, doesn’t dictate where you can go.

If you can relate, and want to share, we’d love to hear from you.

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