Break Into Your Salesforce Career With Dreamforce

Salesforce Career Seekers – I was fortunate to catch another session today at Dreamforce offering a program for those looking to break into their Salesforce career.

“CareerCircle was founded in the spirit of finding solutions to address the pending skills gap versus falling victim to it. With so many capable people wanting to find employment and employers needing partners to achieve their goals, CareerCircle is here to provide a bridge.”

Below is the slide I captured, a link to their site, along with my copyrighted rap (my royalty check is lost in the mail somewhere):

If you’re in a drought.
You’re not out.
You’ll never pout.
Without a doubt.
You’re gonna sprout.
Persist throughout.
Go show em your clout.
What you’re all about.
Here’s another route.
Check, check, check it out.

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