Being an evangelist…

Last week, I was asked to write a post about evangelism.

How to be one, can anyone be one, what’s involved, etc.

The book definition – it’s a way for a company to utilize customers or internal employees who believe strongly in a particular product or service to help spread the positive message on the company’s behalf.

Including these characteristics:

– Be able to build a connection with others to achieve objectives.

– Be able to persuade other people with clear communication.

– Willing to work with others.

– Having an outgoing communication style to attract others during conversations.

Guy Kawasaki was considered one of the 1st pioneers by being an Apple Evangelist in the early 80’s.

Initially it was employees, now it seems to be primarily customer driven.

But it can also be at the individual level.

How? In summary, with a little poem:

You don’t have to be asked or to be told.

But you have to step up, be courageous and bold.

To bring others together, and to teach them to see.

By being consistent with your offering and generosity.

Using a series of messages that you feel strongly about.

Slowly building a tribe who wants to follow your route.

To be an evangelist, there’s no secret sauce.

Just your ability to get your influence across.

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