“That’s why you make the big bucks”

If you’ve been in I.T. for any length of time, maybe you’ve been told this by a family member, friend or even a client. Possibly it’s been said behind your back when you’ve had to get up early or work late, or skip a social event during the weekend, or take a conference call while on… Continue reading “That’s why you make the big bucks”

Laugh, Chuckle, Cackle, Giggle, Snicker

Whatever you want to call it. Are you able to get these in occasionally during your Zoom meetings with your colleagues? If you hold a daily meeting in the morning, hopefully it’s not ALL business ALL the time. Would anyone really want that? Once in awhile, throw some friendly jabs at one another, take a few… Continue reading Laugh, Chuckle, Cackle, Giggle, Snicker

LI Recommendations

Salesforce Managers – if you have a good Salesforce contractor working on your team, when time allows, please write a LinkedIn recommendation for them. It will greatly help build their credibility when other hiring managers, HR or recruiters are checking out their profiles. Unfortunately, I have little (close to 0) confidence in the legitimacy in… Continue reading LI Recommendations

Elevated Confidence

With the demand for Salesforce Professionals at what seems to be an all time high, has that helped elevate your confidence in your career progression? Especially, if you’re not happy in your current position, knowing that there’s probably better opportunity (or opportunities) available elsewhere. By no means, am I suggesting arrogance (although, we are seeing some… Continue reading Elevated Confidence

Walking Away

Do you find it hard to walk away from a problem or challenge? You continue to think it will work out somehow, someway. You’re not a quitter and you don’t want to let yourself or anyone else down. Hoping something will be different the next time, as maybe another variable came into the picture which… Continue reading Walking Away

Meeting 1st Impressions

When attending a 1st meeting with people you haven’t met before, do you start to form some opinions on how to best work/interact with them? Some you may feel will be easy to work with. Others may be a little overbearing and want to control as much as they can. Some you might even have… Continue reading Meeting 1st Impressions

Moving from Salesforce Consulting to Industry

Have you recently made a move from working at a Salesforce consulting partner to working directly for a company? Maybe you’re thinking about doing this but aren’t quite sure what to expect. Some general thoughts/questions that come to mind: – Will I continue to be challenged? – Will I need to take a drop in… Continue reading Moving from Salesforce Consulting to Industry

Other Career Paths

Occasionally, I receive emails from those that are really struggling to make any real progress getting started in their Salesforce career. Set backs like: Not being able to pass the Admin exam after a few attempts. Or  Not getting the volunteer experience they need to get the hands on experience. Or Submitting hundreds of resumes… Continue reading Other Career Paths

Staying Disconnected

When you’re away from work (on vacation), are you able to successfully stay disconnected? Could you do a better job at this? Do you want to do a better job at this? Do you have to wake up early or stay up late to keep a pulse on things while you’re out of the office?… Continue reading Staying Disconnected

Proving Yourself

Outside of I.T. (specifically software development), what other occupations have you prove (via an assignment/challenge/test) that you have the skills necessary to do the job during the interview process? Any of these: Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Pharmacy, Medical, Scientist, Education, Electrical, Plumbing, Chef, etc. It seems much more prevalent for developers. Often even when it’s a professional… Continue reading Proving Yourself