Salesforce Divas/Divos

A little jingle on Salesforce Divas/Divos Disclaimer: I’m sure this doesn’t apply to anyone reading this, but I’ve heard there’s some out there. — Yea, I’m a Salesforce Diva In demand? You best believe-ya Results are what I achieve-a Big paychecks are what I receive-a Don’t cross me, or I’m gonna leave-ya Causing you to… Continue reading Salesforce Divas/Divos

Salesforce Salary Sustainability

I’ve been thinking about Salesforce salaries as it pertains to other executive members of I.T. The below picture is intended to illustrate: 1. V.P. of I.T., ~20+ years of experience, $165K salary 2. Salesforce Developer, ~3 years of experience, $135K salary 3. Salesforce Architect, ~10 years experience, $170K salary I feel this continues to be… Continue reading Salesforce Salary Sustainability

I’m running out of teeth…

Hiring managers, HR, and recruiters, I’m not sure how you’re doing, but I think the job market might be hitting its biggest challenges it’s ever had right now. Full time employees/placements leaving, contractors rolling out, existing roles to now backfill, new openings are at an all time high. 0 candidates applying for positions. 1 out… Continue reading I’m running out of teeth…

Your Overhead as an Independent Contractor

If you’ve thought about going the IC route, please keep in mind the overhead that can be associated, as these will be costs (and/or time) for you. Areas such as: – Legal – Accounting – Sales – Marketing – Banking – Continued Education – Financial Planning – Healthcare – Equipment An an employee, you probably… Continue reading Your Overhead as an Independent Contractor

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Confidence

This week, 2 candidates went in front of the client to interview. Both were on a relatively equal playing field with experience and skill set. Candidate 1, the hiring manager passed on. Candidate 2, they’re moving forward to the next round. Feedback was that the 2nd was able to explain their work with confidence and… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Confidence

Let’s Dance…

Sometimes when it comes to salary discussions we have to dance a little. An employer (and even a candidate) might not always know where the market is. Today’s conversation between me and a job candidate as an example. Candidate: What’s the position paying? Me: The position has flexibility, but they are starting me out at… Continue reading Let’s Dance…

The Great Divide

Today’s Salesforce Careers Geography Lesson: The Great Divide Also known as the Continental Divide that separates the watersheds of the Pacific Ocean from those of the Atlantic Ocean in North America. The scenic trail is 3100 miles long and one of the most significant trail systems in the world. In the Salesforce Job Market, over… Continue reading The Great Divide

Job Hopping

Has the negative stigma tied to job hopping a thing of the past? Particularly, in tech where the ratio of open positions to qualified applicants is so high. Is the culture norm of about 2 years still in place, or has it gotten shorter and will it continue to get shorter over time? Does the… Continue reading Job Hopping

Salesforce TA’s: Please Don’t Go!!!

If you’ve lost your in-house Salesforce Technical Architect this year, based on my experience, you’re probably looking at a 3-5 month lead time to find and hire another. Your situation may vary, but I think most will agree: It’s Freaking Hard! Suggestion #1: (if you’ve already lost them): promote internally, contract it out to stop… Continue reading Salesforce TA’s: Please Don’t Go!!!

Salesforce Newcomers: Behind The Curtain

I think an important message is understanding the concept of: Behind The Curtain, when it comes to LinkedIn. Communications, gossip, word of mouth, hearsay, conversations, etc., happen without you knowing about it. As it happens behind the curtain. I occasionally have new clients who I have never been in contact with in the past, reach… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Behind The Curtain