A Career In Information Technology – The Great Neutralizer

I don’t think there are too many career paths that allow you the opportunities that a career in I.T. can provide.

When it comes to financial growth and long term prosperity (and I know $ isn’t everything, but some may say it’s 2nd to oxygen), only a few occupations (also sales, business owner) will allow you to make a “good” living regardless of a degree received from a prestigious university or a community college, to having a different degree all together (where’s those History majors out there?) or even having no degree at all.

We either fit into any of the above or know someone who does.

If you’re thinking of making the jump, please don’t hesitate too long.  The industry can use your help; it’s no cake walk, you’ll get frustrated (a lot) and you might even be considered a geek, but the career opportunities are endless.

Post inspired by a young professional I have been helping this week as he was given the opportunity to get hired in as a helpdesk analyst with no prior experience and I told him that he would be missing a golden opportunity if he passed it up. It was an internal struggle for him of short term versus long term thinking. 

Fortunately, he listened and he has a bright future ahead.

You do too…

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