About this site… Thank you for swinging by my website.
Within it, you’ll find hundreds of blogs, podcasts, articles,
book reviews, and other content that pertains to careers,
technology, and professional well-being.

Most of the content is geared towards helping current
and future CRM/Salesforce professionals, but hopefully,
you find many of the subjects that I write about also
overlap with any profession.
After working as a fast paced and demanding technology consultant and manager for 20+ years, I’ve seen, heard, and experienced my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to my professional career.

Now, as a recruiter, career counselor, connector, advisor and still a technologist, I wanted to have a site to express my thoughts, opinions, and feelings to help others find continued success in their career.
Why this site exists…
In addition to writing, I provide free consultation to help you with your career.

Areas that I’m often asked for assistance on include:
resume reviews, career advancement, salary negotiations, my take on the job market, mock interviews, trending technologies and ultimately, a shoulder for you to lean on, if you need an opinion, or want to express your thoughts without preemptive judgement.
How can I help…

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