Your Salesforce Career: Ride The Wave

For the aspiring Salesforce Developers in the U.S., I wanted to share a real-world scenario of the current market conditions with the intent to cut through marketing hype and often unrealistic salary surveys, but to also provide examples to set yourself apart.

Also, it was a pleasure to represent them along their way as they evaluated new opportunities.

Reason for exploring new opportunities (short version):

The current company was involved in an acquisition causing it to lose some of it’s original culture.

Their experience (needless to say, a near complete package at their level, IMO):

  1. ~ 3 years of Salesforce development and lead experience for a industry leading consulting company
  2. 5 certifications
  3. Leadership experience – mentoring junior developers on best practices in development and consulting
  4. Speaker at conferences
  5. Internal host of bi-weekly Q&A sessions 
  6. Participated in pre-sales activities/solutioning prototypes
  7. Lives in the Midwest
  8. Computer Science degree
  9. Top notch in personality, communication, professionalism

Their outcome:

  1. Interviewed with 5 companies
  2. Interviews ranged from technical assessments to informal conversations (fortunately, they were already known in the industry)
  3. Received 5 offers
  4. Salary (high 5 digits/low 6 digits)

Their decision:

Not the highest salary but rather the culture of the new company that was a close representation of where they came from when they 1st started their Salesforce career.

Note: they gave me permission to post this with the intent to help others, and I wanted to keep some confidentiality.

Other experiences may vary.

Summary: If you have the desire to do more, be more, and have more and your current company/situation is not allowing that to happen, please don’t just watch the tide go in and out each day, as you deserve to be riding the waves.

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