Your Salesforce Career Growth

How often do you get your as$ handed to you at work?

Maybe more than you’d like.

Or maybe not enough.

Sometimes professional growth can mean learning from some variation of:

– Being embarrassed 

– Working late on a difficult problem/tight deadline

– Dealing with egos/difficult personalities

– Being challenged with chaos

– Taking on an assignment you have no idea where to start

– Being proven wrong by a subordinate 

– Taking the heat for a mistake that wasn’t yours

– Having something taken away from you that was meaningful

– etc.

Sure, we all hate it at the exact moment when it happens.

But I think it’s often these lessons that help us learn something new about ourselves, while also building character, resilience, and leadership skills. 

If you’re coasting along, and want something that’s going to knock you down occasionally, now is the time to look for that change.

There’s plenty of opportunities out there that can offer it.

If you’re in the middle of it, keep it up, as down the road, I believe you’ll reflect back and be thankful for those learning opportunities, possibly reminiscing with old friends/colleagues.

Or if you enjoy taking it easy, and you’re happy and satisfied, take it in stride.

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