Variances with Salary Surveys

Martin Gessner provides salary examples in his book, The Salesforce Career Playbook, and he correctly points out the large amount of variance within them.

For example:

Salesforce Admin (U.S. based)

– Mason Frank: $100,500 – $126,000

– Salesforce: $95,000 average

– Neuvoo: $48,750 for entry level, $94,951 average

– ZipRecruiter: $36,000 – $140,500, $88,146 average

– Indeed: $87,744

– Glassdoor: $62,000- $117,000, $87,292 average

As you can see, they’re all across the board.

Unless variables such as: location, industry, company size, specific job responsibilities, years of experience, etc. are provided with these survey results, please use them with a bit of caution.

The better alternative is speaking to others to hear the details that these salary surveys do not to provide.

While some may not disclose what they’re making, they could provide an opinion based on your experience, especially, if they were once where you are, not long ago.

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