This past week, I received a better than average job description.

It listed 2 things, I don’t normally see:

1. The approximate % of time outlined to do each respective group of tasks.  

For example: 

– Meetings/consulting with operations – 20% 

– Configuring the application for new projects – 30% 

– Addressing/correcting existing defects – 20%

– Supporting/coaching other junior team members – 20%

– Documentation updates/status reports – 10%

2. Who the key stakeholders are (by title), their responsibilities and why you’ll be working with them.

I think the more we can lay out for the job applicant up front, the better off we are in helping to make sure it’s a good fit on both sides.

These ideas could also be something you do on your resume so a potential employer understands where you spend a lot of your time and who you typically work with/take direction from.

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