Salesforce Newcomers: Not Just Salesforce Skills

But rather, your complementary skills…

In learning more about Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) over the weekend, he’s a big advocate of utilizing your complementary skills to find success.

He calls it your Talent Stack, by:

1. Leveraging the skills you do have from whatever field or industry you have experience in.

2. Combining that with your newly acquired Salesforce skills (I don’t think Scott has Salesforce skills, but I tweaked this example).

3. Marketing yourself as that combination to set you apart.

As Scott quotes: “When you add in my ordinary business skills, my strong work ethic, my risk tolerance, and my reasonably good sense of humor, I’m fairly unique. And in this case that uniqueness has commercial value.”

YOUR uniqueness also has commercial value.

Please don’t get tied up in just gaining Salesforce knowledge.

Think about ways to use what you already know and where you’ve been to your advantage.

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