One neck to squeeze.

A few years ago, I thought using U.S. based Salesforce contractors might have been the way to go, due to the associated cost savings.

But nowadays, we’re having so many problems finding “real” Salesforce Developers, I’ve realized companies will have a lot more trust in just relying on 1 system integrator to get the project done and help mitigate the risk when it comes to sourcing.

Even if it’s at a higher price point.

Essentially, they have 1 neck to squeeze if something goes south on the project (deadlines missed, consultants leaving, etc.).

Trying to staff Salesforce Developers who are on a Corp to Corp setup has been such a mess.

Maybe more this year, than ever before, possibly due to all the demand.

Dealing with made up resumes, fake candidates, no shows, getting busted working multiple gigs at once, continuous family emergencies, inability to do the job assigned, etc.

This year has been brutal.

Maybe the future will be different…

Please Note: this does not go for all contractors, and maybe I’m just hitting a bad patch in 2021…others may have found more success.

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