SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): JPGC

Job Posting Governance Committee

Can Salesforce and LinkedIn (Microsoft) partner up to put a JPGC in place?

Any company that would like to post a Salesforce position on LinkedIn would need to have their position voted on by a qualified committee of REAL Salesforce professionals that will allow the job posting to fall into 1 of 2 categories:

A. Realistic, practical, logical, credible, rational, achievable, fillable and SMART


B. Imaginative, unachievable, impractical, delusional, unrealistic and DUMB

A votes get posted.

B votes go back to the individual that wrote the job description and get hit over the head with a Homey D. Clown sock.

“Homey Don’t Play Dat”

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