SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): 65 Acquisitions

Maybe one has had the biggest positive impact on your career.

Many of them, you may have never heard of, or know how they fold into specific functionality.

2006 – Sendia, Kieden;

2007 – Kenlet, Koral;

2008 – Instranet;

2009 – GroupSwim, Informavores;

2010 – Jigsaw Data Corp., Sitemasher; Navajo Security, Activa Live Chat, Heroku, Etacts;

2011 – Dimdim, Manymoon, Radian6, Model Metrics, Rypple,

2012 – Stypi, Buddy Media, ChoicePass, Thinkfuse, BlueTail, GoInstant, Prior Knowledge;

2013 – EntropySoft,, ExactTarget, EdgeSpring;

2014 – RelateIQ;

2015 – Toopher,Tempo, ÄKTA, MinHash, SteelBrick;

2016 – PredictionIO, MetaMind, Implisit, Demandware, Coolan, Quip, BeyondCore, Heywire, Gravitytank, Krux, Twin Prime;

2017 – Sequence;

2018 – Attic Labs, CloudCraze, MuleSoft, Datorama, Rebel Mail;

2019 –, MapAnything, Bonobo AI, Tableau, ClickSoftware, Diffeo;

2020 – Evergage, Vlocity, The CMO Club, Slack Technologies;

2021 – Acumen Solutions (SF Fiscal Q2 FY22)

Are more professional services acquisitions on the horizon for 2021, particularly those that are industry vertical focused?

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