Some dynamics of recruiting

I have a client that’s a consulting company out of Houston who supports customers running specific energy software products.

They do not allow me to recruit anyone who’s currently working at those specific software companies, or who have worked there within a year (unless a layoff).

Pretty strict guidelines, especially when the candidate pool is pretty small to begin with.

Non-competes are in place, but they also do not want to tarnish the relationships of those companies who they work with consistently.

Based on my experience in the Salesforce space, it seems to be quite the opposite.

Maybe size has something to do with it, but in speaking to others, there’s definitely been some friction caused when some of their Salesforce talent gets sniped by Salesforce (or other partners).

Additionally, with the acquisition of Acumen Solutions, I have to imagine eyebrows are being raised by the large consulting community regarding what’s going to happen from here.

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