How often do we settle?

Maybe, more than we should.

It’s much easier and comfortable to settle.

Often, when we’re ready to leave our current position/company, we might settle for the 1st new opportunity that comes our way.

Or we instead settle and stay put, as the situation will hopefully blow over and get better.

Telling ourselves, I’ll wait a month, then 2, then 6, not really realizing how much we’ve settled.

Or worse when we don’t have a job, and the bills keep pouring in, our hand is often forced to settle.

Sometimes, we might tell others what our plans are, such as going out on our own, starting a new company or product, then we realize it’s harder than we envisioned, so we decide to settle back in to what we’ve always known.

If you’re settling right now, and know you don’t want to be, maybe this week, it’s time to put some new actions in place to unsettle.

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