Salesforce Newcomers: Being Judged

Are you worried that the Salesforce work that you want to publish isn’t good enough?

Possibly thinking if something you showcase is incorrect that you’ll be “judged”?

Sitting on your ideas, debating if it’s really going to help you land a position?

This entire process is all just in your head.

Please push through the resistance.

You’ll gain more than you’ll lose.

You’ll get better over time.

You’ll learn more about yourself and will acquire more confidence in your abilities.

And if by chance, you do run into any naysayers (like this grumpy, old judge), that’s fine, your work wasn’t for them.

It’s for the others who need, want, and desire your skills, background, and creativity to come and be a part of their organization.

But they might not find, see, or hear about you, unless you take the 1st step.

You’re the only one stopping yourself.

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