Salesforce Professionals: Work Addiction

Maybe you have it or know someone who does.

Or maybe you’re not sure…

Something I thought about recently and found out it’s actually a health condition.

On it states there’s a difference between Ambition and Addiction and like a drug, people feel an emotional high when they’re working, which causes/contributes to the addiction.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Being obsessed with work-related success
  • Having a defensive attitude about others about their work
  • Being paranoid about work-related performance
  • Becoming stressed when you’re not able to work
  • Ignoring requests when asked to reduce your working time

While many of us have probably experienced one or more of the above, the problem is when it consistently has negative effects on you and others, and then being incorrectly justified as career ambition.

Treatment options exist such as inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation and even a Workaholics Anonymous fellowship.

Some references below:

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