Salesforce Newcomers: Behind The Curtain

I think an important message is understanding the concept of: Behind The Curtain, when it comes to LinkedIn.

Communications, gossip, word of mouth, hearsay, conversations, etc., happen without you knowing about it.

As it happens behind the curtain.

I occasionally have new clients who I have never been in contact with in the past, reach out to me for recruiting help.

Somehow, someway, my name made it over to them.

These situations happen more often than we think, particularly when companies want to hire, as they may go to LinkedIn to see what’s out there.

Causing this to occur:

“Hey, Hiring Manager Mary, I saw that you were looking for a new Admin, check out Salesforce Sally’s remarkable solutions that she consistently posts on LI, I think she’s worth talking to.”

Please don’t get all caught up in worrying about if your work has to be perfect.

Use my lousy drawing below to see how low my bar is when it comes to sharing.

Your Salesforce work (and hopefully my drawings) will get better over time.

I believe Behind The Curtain is often where the opportunity can happen for you.

Please take this into consideration.

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