Salesforce Divas/Divos

A little jingle on Salesforce Divas/Divos

Disclaimer: I’m sure this doesn’t apply to anyone reading this, but I’ve heard there’s some out there.

Yea, I’m a Salesforce Diva

In demand? You best believe-ya

Results are what I achieve-a

Big paychecks are what I receive-a

Don’t cross me, or I’m gonna leave-ya

Causing you to take an anesthesia

To get you over your amnesia

I move from job to job, faster than a cheetah

More than 1 round of interviews? Negateeva

Replace me? Yea, right, you can’t conceive-a

I can fix your org, like a graceful ballerina

I’m always the MVP in your Salesforce arena

Can’t find me? Good, I went incognita

Probably to Argentina, Catalina, or Sayulita

To have a fajita with Velveeta 

While sipping a cold margarita

I’m not just smart, honey, I’m guapo, bonita

Just like Brad and Angelina

You got it right, baby, I’m everything that you perceive-a

When it comes to being, A Salesforce Diva

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