Salesforce Developer (or any software development) Talent Gap in the U.S.

While, I believe there’s a combination of reasons below, I’d be interested to hear some additional opinions on this subject.

Also, do you see any trends occurring to close this gap?

– Not enough employers hiring entry level

– Not enough grads coming out

– Not enough interest in CS/IS as a subject

– High learning curve associated – easier subjects to study

– Higher stress is not worth the pay

– Existing developers moving into management (or other field)

Doing a quick check on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter:

~12,304 open U.S. Salesforce Developer positions*

~2,000 U.S. Salesforce Developers “Open to work”**

* Of the 12,304, maybe 10% would be willing to sponsor

** Of the ~2,000, maybe 10% are eligible to work in the U.S. without sponsorship

Equating to ~11,000 open positions who will not sponsor, and ~200 who can fill those (all things being equal and taking a SWAG, based on my experience).

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