Salesforce Career Seekers – Your Work, Your Ideas, And Your Name Can Spread…

Like butter. But you gotta start.

And I’m not talking about spamming everyone you know telling them that you’re looking for a Salesforce position – that’s easy, not too effective, and probably a little annoying to the recipient. 

I’m referring to the hard stuff: moving your ideas to tangible outcomes, sharing what you’ve built, presenting your ideas to others, soliciting feedback, asking for help.

That shows vulnerability, humility and personality.

That’s what helps to get your name, your work, your candidacy and your butter to spread. 

Will the 1st attempt be buttery smooth?

Probably not. 

Then what?

Do it again, again, and again.

You’ll get better and the spreading will happen one dollop at a time. 

In general, people enjoy helping other people and want to spread the word to others about your capabilities.

But they’re much more open to this, when they see you putting in the work, the effort and the ability to persist through the tough times.

Spread your butter as:

“With enough butter, anything is good.” ~Julia Childs (American Chef)

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