Salesforce Career Seekers: “We Decided To Go In A Different Direction”

I hate that answer…

Don’t you?!

I was told that yesterday.

What does that even mean? I have no idea.

But, who cares? Let’s not worry about it.

Let’s do this instead:

* Be thankful that they were impressed enough to schedule an interview (maybe my resume is actually quite good)

* Add those that I met to my LinkedIn network (for future relationship building)

* Find a better opportunity that would be more fulfilling (smaller/bigger organization, more/less structured, better hours, etc.)

* Finish that project I’ve been putting off (cleaning the garage, sorting my mismatched socks)

* Analyze the results internally and make some adjustments for next time (build my emotional muscles)

* Connect with new organizations and people (wow, I never knew they had an office here)

* Further research those topics that were discussed during the interview to expand my knowledge and potential (Apex – what the heck is that, I better check it out)

You can go in a different direction too!

Or maybe, you’re not in the mood for any of the above:

No problem…

Go for a long walk, then write a little, then sing out loud, then:

Go eat a chocolate cupcake!

Better direction awaits…

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