Salesforce Career Seekers: Trailhead Badges – Collecting or Connecting

Which are you doing?

Which do you think is more valuable?

Questions that you might want to ask yourself:

Am I gaining real knowledge or is this considered trivia?

Is what I’m learning applicable to landing my 1st position? Can I relate them directly to a job description?

Am I retaining or just doing?

Is it actionable immediately?

Can I apply what I just went over to do something more creative? Maybe connecting one to another to build my own complete solution.

Trailheads like Lego sets usually have a series of instructions and are a good foundation.

It’s when we take what’s given and build something unique, better and using our inner genius that allows us to stand out.

Yes, it’s hard; yes, it takes more time; yes, you might fail.

That’s why most don’t/won’t do it.

It’s not that most can’t.

More importantly: you’re not most.

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