Salesforce Career Seekers (Specifically Aspiring Developers):

A conversation of “buts” that might be in your head:

Aspiring SF Developer: Chris, I keep trying, but I can’t get a break.

Chris: Please be patient, your time will come, hers did.

Aspiring SF Developer: But, maybe I’m past my prime?

Chris: No, you’re not, it wasn’t past hers.

Aspiring SF Developer: But, I live in a small town.

Chris: Doesn’t matter, she did too.

Aspiring SF Developer: But, I’ve never had a job in tech.

Chris: Neither did she.

Aspiring SF Developer: But, I don’t have a 4 year computer science degree from a major university.

Chris: She had a 2 year programming degree at a local community college.

Aspiring SF Developer: But, I took some years out to be a mother.

Chris: Oh yea, how about 15 years that she took.

Aspiring SF Developer: But, I don’t know what to do now.

Chris: Neither did she, BUT, what she did have was goals and aspirations to become a Salesforce developer and now has been doing it professionally for 3+ years.

Post inspired by a phone conversation I had with a Salesforce developer this week where all the above was true.

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