Salesforce Career Seekers: Interview Prep

This week was a great week doing interviewing prep with candidates.

In doing so, I thought of the below questions that you might want to ask either an external or internal recruiter before it’s your time to shine in front of the hiring manager.

Your success should go both ways, you asking, and recruiters answering.

Yes, I know you might not get all the answers, but anything you do get, should be valuable.

The more direct questions you ask, the better.

Start with these to get the conversation flowing:

– Do you know what the hiring manager is looking for, in addition, to the job description?

– Do you know why this position hasn’t been filled yet?

– Have you received any feedback from previous interviews that can be used to my advantage?

– Are there any other areas of focus that you can recommend that I should highlight during my conversation?

Please keep in mind, some company’s treat external recruiters as strictly transactional, meaning:

“Here’s a job description, go find me someone”

Which causes a struggle to get you answers to the above, but you should ask and hopefully they can find out for you.

“Interview Prep, It Adds Some Pep, To Your Step,

For More Success? The Answer Is, Yes!

Don’t Stress or Digress, Just Impress”

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