Salesforce Career Seekers: Enjoying the process…

If you’re currently in search mode, are you able to enjoy the process?

No, not necessarily the setbacks, frustrations and the anguish of being ignored, unqualified, not chosen, etc.

Rather the process of learning, understanding, meeting new people and companies, reflecting on what you’re doing right, and what you could do better, etc. 

In order to keep you going, I think reflecting on the positives can be beneficial.

As a recruiter, seeing what Salesforce roles exist, what’s happening in the industry, what companies are doing with the platform, is exciting.

And most, I’ll never get a chance to recruit on, but for the few I do, it helps to enjoy the process.

If you’re frustrated and want to look for ways to try and get more enjoyment out of your job search, talk to others for ideas, it might help.

You can also hit me up on my beeper, leave off the 911 though.

If you’re younger than say 35 and don’t understand the above, a LI message is fine.




#555-555-5555 911

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