Salesforce Career Seekers: Being Ignored Sucks

Over the weekend, I received a message regarding some of the suggestions that I provide aren’t effective and are not working for them and they’re often being ignored by hiring managers.

They suggested maybe it’s their culture, their part of the world, etc.

I don’t think that’s the case.

We all get ignored and it doesn’t feel good.

It damages our ego and demotivates us in our job search.

I used to get ignored ALL THE TIME when prospecting.

For example:

Cold, generic emails returned = 0% (1 exception – someone telling me to stop emailing them) 

Cold, generic Inmails via LinkedIn returned = very low and usually after one correspondence, stops

Cold, generic calls returned = another 0% (another exception, someone calling me back thinking it was someone they knew)

Then I determined some better ways:

– Being referred in

– Providing something of value and not asking for anything in return

– Creating a message that interests them (hint: it’s probably not about me/you)

– Being creative and personable

Do I still do things wrong? For sure.

Am I still being ignored?  Without a doubt.

What needs to continue to change & evolve?  ME and the ability to BE BETTER.

If you’re consistently being ignored, maybe some of the above will help.

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