Salesforce Career Seekers: A Good Question To Ask

Salesforce Career Seekers: a good question for you to ask prior to being called in for an interview, that might help save you some time and anguish, but…

It takes guts…

Guts because it’s you being assertive and often being assertive might cause 2 parties to feel a little uncomfortable. 

That’s ok, being assertive is what employers “should” want.

However you want to wordsmith the below:

“Hiring Manager/HR/Talent Acquisition – thank you for calling me in for an interview, while I’m confident I have the ability to make a positive impact, I noticed that the job description is looking for <x, y, z, or # of years experience, or whatever else>, and I do not meet those qualifications, are you able to provide more insight regarding why I was asked to have an interview?”

In doing so, it should help you prepare better for the interview by guiding your conversation on those reasons.

My point is, I’m trying to avoid you receiving the weak ass excuse of you lacking specific experience when clearly they knew that up front but still decided to have you interview.  That is what you want to zone in on by asking why upfront.

Guts, assertiveness, possibilities, opportunities, career success, chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.  The finer things in life.

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