Salesforce Career Seekers: A Few Ideas Or Questions To Think About For Your Next Interview

Issue, Impact, Importance

Issue: what are the top problem(s) the organization is trying to overcome as it relates to Salesforce?

Impact: in not solving this issue, how is it effecting (fill in the blank)? 

Importance: how long has this been a problem and why is there such urgency now?

Bonus: what did you like about my resume, experience, digital footprint, referral, etc. that helped in determining I might be a good match for this role?

Understanding the what (the issue), the why (the impact), and the importance, can help lead the conversation into the “how”, which should be where you bring in your expertise (especially when you asked – what they liked about your background).

I realize interviews aren’t this straightforward, but the above could just be mental notes to take with you.

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