Salesforce Admins: The Drop-off, The Dip, The Plunk, The Dive

Or what Ryan Scalf so eloquently trademarked: The Plunge

Meaning: the sudden reduction of user adoption either when you’re rolling out your CRM for the 1st time or even when a new process that you thought was going to take you the glory land fails user appeal miserably.

If you’re looking for ideas to prevent this from happening in the future, please join Ryan for his Salesforce Admin training every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 PM CST (Zoom invite in the comments).

We discuss much more than: what’s a permission, what’s a profile, what’s an OWD.

Speaking of plunge: maybe you’re looking for a new plunger, if so, check out:
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Most importantly: DRIP FREE DESIGN!

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Free Salesforce help AND home shopping deals, what more can one ask for in a LI post?!

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