Salesforce Admins – Supporting Sales

Some thoughts on your work administering Salesforce based on Keenan’s video below which is geared towards Sales professionals using a CRM:

– Are you understanding what Sales needs to be effective in their job?

– Are there some gaps in their Sales process that you can help correct?

– Does Sales have the data they need to close more deals and help to influence their customer’s buying decision?

– Are the capabilities that you’re providing making their lives easier?

As a Salesforce Admin, hopefully your role is allowing you to be more influential than only focusing on Salesforce as a technology.

Other pieces Keenan points out regarding CRM’s:
Capturing and prioritizing the below metrics in the discovery process:
– KPI’s
– Revenue – gain/lost – past, present, future state
– Inefficient processes
– Length to capture a sale
– Customers they’ve lost/gained
– Average sales/service prices in the market and how does your company compare
– Lifetime potential revenue of a customer
– Customer acquisition cost

Check out Keenan’s video about CRM and Sales as it might spark some ideas for you to discuss with your sales team.

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