Salesforce Newcomers: The Back Door

In some of the conversations I have with prospects who are needing help with their Salesforce org as a managed service, I often hear a common theme:

“We have Salesforce, but we don’t have anyone in house who knows how to administer it”.

And I don’t think they are intending to put a job post out there to hire someone as it may not require full time duties.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term: Accidental Admin.

Where someone inherits these responsibilities.

It sounds like this setup is still alive and well within many organizations.

And I know this is not the direct line to being a dedicated, full time Salesforce Admin that you were hoping for on day 1.

But I think rather than knocking on the same front door everyone else is knocking on.

Is there a back door strategy that you can take that will get you a little closer to your end goal?

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