Can’t Nobody Hold You Down

New Promotion = Great! 

New Title = Fantastic!

New Responsibilities = Bring It On!

New Raise = 2%?!

If you’ve worked hard and earned a prestigious new title with more responsibilities, but not getting the associated raise to go with it.

Do you feel slighted?

If so, I’m bringing 1997 back to you.

Mase and Sean Combs have some relevant lyrics (with modifications):

“Don’t push you, cause you’re close to the, edge

You’re tryin’, not to, lose your head, a-hah-hah-hah-hah

Can’t nobody take your pride, can’t nobody hold you down, oh no

You got to keep on movin'”

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down ~1997

Can’t Nobody Hold YOU Down ~2021

Know your worth, have conversations elsewhere, see what’s available.

Tuesday’s Love and Lyrics. ❤️🎤

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