Recruiting Industry – 1 Year In – More Difficult Than Expected!

As I just completed my 1 year anniversary in the I.T. recruiting industry, primarily in the role of new business development, I thought it would be helpful to share 3 initial thoughts to potentially help those thinking about moving into this field and/or to open-up some additional dialogue for the experienced recruiters when they were initially starting in the industry to determine if it was what they expected. For me personally, it was much more difficult and here’s why:

1.   Your Network Is Limited – coming from over 17 years in the I.T. delivery and consulting industry, I thought it was going to be a no-brainer and once I stepped into recruiting, my extensive network would be beating down my door asking for my help. How foolish! 

In my experience, most of your network either:

a.    Works for a company that has a preferred set of vendors and isn’t interested in adding others

b.   Uses only internal HR for filling roles

c.    Has higher priority concerns

2.   Client Prospecting Is Tough – prospective clients are constantly being pitched to about services and product offerings via phone and email. Most will not return your voicemail and most will not return your email – especially the 1st one, or the 2nd one. Why would they?

What is your value proposition that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack? Hint: whatever you think it is, it probably isn’t. With an exception that is very few and far between, you find a prospective client who has an immediate, dying, urgent position to fill and they’ve struggled for weeks or even months to fill it, then they might give you a shot which will take plenty of time and energy to find a qualified candidate for. If it was easy, they would have filled it by now.

Challenges to overcome with prospecting:

a.    Finding the right prospect at the right time that can use your services

b.   Being able to engage and differentiate yourself with the prospective client when the opportunity presents itself

c.    Consistently facing “not interested”, “no thanks”, “call me back in 6 months” objections

3.   Emotional Roller Coasters Occur Weekly – over the last year, I’ve experienced more emotional highs and lows than I thought were possible. Finding new clients to give you an opportunity to help is a challenge, and  can be very rewarding initially, but then there are so many things that can go wrong from that point forward that can spoil it all.

Classic examples:

a.    You find what you think is the perfect candidate, then find out the role has been filled already

b.   The client agrees to the interview, then the candidate is no-where to be found or has lost interest

c.    The client wants to make an offer to the candidate and the candidate choose to take another offer

Anyone that’s been recruiting for a while can probably relate to all 3.

In summary, I would encourage anyone that’s on the fence to jump into such a rewarding and challenging career, but please keep in mind what may seem to be a less difficult career than anticipated really is much, much more.

I welcome anyone to reach me directly to share more.

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